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Qualifying Continues for Local Elections

Northwest Florida Daily News - June 5, 2012

More candidates came forward on the second day of qualifying Tuesday to run for federal, state and local offices in this year’s elections in Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and Walton counties.

The primary election is Aug. 14. The general election is Nov. 6.

The qualifying period for candidates ends at noon on Friday.

Here is a list of the candidates who have qualified so far:


l 1st Congressional District — Jim Bryan (Dem.), Calen Fretts (Lib.), Jeff Miller (Rep.), William Cleave Drummond II (write-in)


l Senate District 1 — Don Gaetz (Rep.)

l Senate District 2 — Greg Evers (Rep.), Joshua Hartigan (write-in)

l House District 5 — Danny Glidewell (Rep.)


l Commissioner District 1 — Ronald Connor (Dem.), Wayne Harris (Rep.)

l Commissioner District 3 — Bill Smith (Rep.)

l Commissioner District 5 — Larry Hines (Rep.)

l Sheriff — Larry Ashley (Rep.)

l Supervisor of elections — Paul Lux (Rep.)

l Superintendent of schools — Alexis Tibbetts (Rep.)

l School Board District 4 — Catherine Thigpen, JB Whitten


l Clerk of circuit court — Mary Johnson (Rep.)

l Commissioner District 3 — Marvin Fowler Sr. (Rep.), Jeffrey Kelley (Rep.)

l Commissioner District 5 — Lane Lynchard (Rep.)

l Sheriff — Wendell Hall (Rep.), Chris Roper (Int.), Chuck Sloan (Rep.)

l Supervisor of elections — Buck Lee (Rep.), Tappie Ann Villane (Rep.)

l Tax collector — Stan Colie Nichols (Rep.)

l Superintendent of schools — Tim Wyrosdick (Rep.)

l School Board District 2 — Hugh Winkles

l School Board District 4 — Charles Elliott, Jennifer Granse


l Clerk of circuit court — Douglas Alexander Alford (Rep.), Gwyn Thomas (Rep.), Sue Thorn (Rep.)

l Commissioner District 1 — Bill Chapman (Rep.), Robert Nelson (Rep.), Allen White (Rep.)

l Commissioner District 3 — Bill Imfeld (Rep.), Richard Roberts (Rep.)

l Commissioner District 5 — Thomas Babcock (Rep.), Cecilia Jones (Rep.), Cindy Meadows (Rep.)

l Property appraiser — Patrick Pilcher (Rep.)

l Sheriff — Mike Adkinson (Rep.)

l Tax collector — Rhonda Skipper (Rep.)

l Superintendent of schools — Carlene Anderson (Rep.), Trisha Porter Hutchison (Rep.)

l School Board District 1 — Gail Smith, Ronald Voelker Jr.

l School Board District 4 — Mark Davis

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