Florida Right to Life 

"Florida Right to Life would like to thank you for your commitment to the pro-life cause and extend our best wishes for a successful primary campaign. We look forward to working with you in the future to advance and protect the right to life." Read more >


Unified Sportsmen of Florida Unified Sportsmen of Florida (USF)

"We are proud to not only endorse Greg Evers, but to tell the voters of Senate District 2 that he is our top priority. Greg Evers has been a staunch, unrelenting supporter of the Second Amendment, Florida gun owners, the Constitution and the cause of Freedom. On behalf of our members, we thank Greg for his unwavering support and his dedication to Second Amendment rights, as we we look forward to helping Greg get elected to the Florida Senate." Read more >

Florida Medical Association (FMA) 

“Greg Evers has the full support and endorsement of the Florida Medical Association in his campaign for State Senate District 2. Florida physicians are confident that Greg will be a strong voice for the people of Northwest Florida and will fight to ensure that local physicians’ have the ability to deliver a high standard of care to their patients without fear of unnecessary and unwanted government interference.” Read more >

Florida Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

“The Police Benevolent Association is proud to announce its endorsement of Greg Evers for Senate District 2,” said Allan Miller, senior vice president of the Northwest Florida Chapter of the PBA.  “Greg respects the strong and efficient enforcement of our laws, and we encourage all citizens in Senate District 2 to cast their ballots in favor of Greg in the upcoming election.” Read more >


Fraternal Order of Police - Florida State Lodge

"Greg Evers is the Legislator of the Year and one of the true unsung heroes of the Legislature. He fights to protect the protectors without the spotlight and without request." Read more >


Florida Professional Firefighters, Inc.Florida Professional Firefighters, Inc.

"We are proud to support Greg Evers for Senate. As a firefighter serving Northwest Florida, I've seen firsthand how dedicated Greg is to the safety and well-being of his neighbors and those living in his district, and I am confident in his leadership." Read more >

Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) 

“AIF is happy to announce its endorsement of Greg Evers for Senate District 2,” said Barney Bishop, president and CEO of AIF. “Greg is dedicated to growing businesses in the State of Florida and has a long record of supporting free market ideas and bringing prosperity to not only Northwest Florida but to the state as a whole. Historically, Greg has scored a 95 percent on our legislative report card and in 2010 he had one of the highest scores in the Florida Legislature, a 98 percent.” Read more >

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) 

“NFIB is honored to announce its endorsement of Greg Evers for Senate District 2,” said Bill Herrle, executive director of NFIB. “Greg Evers possesses all that we promote and represent here at NFIB. Our mission is to protect our member’s right to own, operate and grow their own business to ensure that their business succeeds.  Knowing that Greg has been a lifelong small businessman, we are proud to support him in his race for Florida Senate.” Read more >


Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges

"Your knowledge, recognition and support mean a great deal to our students, administrators, faculty, and staff. We sincerely thank you for your efforts on our behalf." Read more >


Senator Durell Peaden

“Greg is a true conservative who will serve the people of Northwest Florida well, and I am happy to give him my full support and endorsement. With Greg’s leadership, Senate District 2 will have a staunch and powerful advocate in the Florida Legislature.  He will work hard to fight the current culture of big government that’s taking place in Washington and get Florida back on track and out of the hands of out-of-control government and spending.” Read more >

Frank and Nancy Lay

"Greg Evers enjoys immense support in Northwest Florida because he is one of us who has never lost sight of acting as our voice and our watchdog in Tallahassee for our Northwest Florida values. He has been unwavering in his support of us as a principal and teacher in Santa Rosa County, just as he has supported all of the students and faculty at Pace High School." Read more >

Nancy Fetterman

"I look forward to continuing to work with Greg in The Florida Senate where he will be a strong and effective advocate for the unique needs of our military families the importance of the military to the future economic health and sustainability of Northwest Florida and the continued memory and appreciation of our heroes, including my husband John. We need Greg Evers as our next Florida Senator. He has my full and unequivocal support." Read more >

Senate President-Designate Mike Haridopolos

"Greg and I share a philosophical belief that representative government and conservative government means that public servants have an obligation to keep taxes low and allow Floridians to keep more of their earned dollars.  I am proud to support Greg Evers and his campaign for Florida Senate District 2."


Senator Don Gaetz

"Greg Evers is a no nonsense leader who will make sure that his constituency is heard and represented.  As a fellow North Florida Republican, I am proud to support Greg Evers and I encourage my fellow Republicans to do the same."


Senator Andy Gardiner

"The Florida Senate needs conservative leaders that believe in keeping government small and growing Florida’s families and communities. Greg Evers believes in the core Republican values and I believe that he is the best man for the job in the Florida Senate."