Issues: Energy

I believe in reducing gas prices and making Florida a leader in energy independence by exploring viable and responsible offshore oil drilling options and increasing incentives for alternative fuel development.

I have been a longtime supporter in alternative fuel options and was instrumental in bringing the first farm fuel production facility to District 2. I continue to support and will actively seek alternative energy sources of all sorts.

I am also committed to exploring every option -- including responsible drilling in the Gulf -- that would decrease Florida's current dependency on foreign oil and gas interests. I support offshore drilling in the Gulf, provided that such drilling adheres to the highest technological standards of clean, spill-proof drilling and that drilling is conducted in such a way as to assure no adverse impacts to the future of our military bases.

We must take all steps necessary to end our dependence on foreign oil and bring fuel costs back to a level we can sustain here in our community. The reality is that our dependence on foreign oil has risen to the level of creating a national security risk for our country and an economic crisis for our community.

These fuel and energy trends must be reversed, and I am 100 percent committed to fighting for such a reversal.


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