Why I Voted for Greg

“Greg Evers is a small businessman who has been endorsed by the NRA and Florida Right to Life.  He is a proven, committed conservative with Northwest Florida roots that run deep, and I’m voting for him because I am confident that if he is elected to the Florida Senate, he will serve the Panhandle proudly.  As a fellow small businessman, he knows well the challenges we face on a daily basis.  We can count on him to be there for us.”

Shane Abbott
Pharmacist & Owner, The Prescription Place
Defuniak Springs, Florida

“I’m voting for Greg Evers because he is a committed and proven fighter who will work to institute Arizona-style immigration reform here in Florida and continue to work to protect the rights of gun owners, as well as the religious speech rights of teachers and students.”    

Patricia Ann Simmons
Century, Florida

“I know that Greg is the kind of conservative leader we need representing Northwest Florida values.  He has my vote, and I strongly encourage others to cast their ballots for Greg.”

Charles Carlan
Pensacola, Florida

“Greg grew up right here in Northwest Florida, and is a farmer and small businessman, as well as a dedicated public servant.  He knows the struggles that our neighbors and communities are facing and has the knowledge and experience to hit the ground running on Day One in the Florida Senate.  He knows how to bring home Tallahassee’s financial resources for Northwest Florida – just like he did in making sure we were able to fund the growth of the Baker Block Museum.  That’s why I’m voting for Greg Evers on Election Day.”

Jeanette Henderson
Retired Okaloosa County School Board Employee & Baker Block Museum Curator
Baker, Florida

"Greg Evers is a man who has grown up right here in Northwest Florida and holds our values and principles dear, and he will fight for us in the Florida Senate.  I urge all of you to turn out and vote for Greg Evers on August 24.  He is the right man for the job."

Joan Smith
Laurel Hill, Florida

“Having served our community in the Florida Legislature since 2001 as a true servant leader who has stood up for us in Tallahassee time and time again, Greg Evers has the experience, values, and leadership we need in the Florida Senate.   We can well recall the days following Hurricane Ivan when Greg himself was out there in his four-wheel drive truck delivering ice to those who needed it and cutting through FEMA red tape to make sure trailers were getting to people left without shelter.  We hope you will join us in voting for Greg Evers in the primary election.”

Susan & M.A. Bjorklund
Homemaker & Retired Educator/Retailer
Defuniak Springs, Florida

“From his tough stance on immigration to improving public school education for our children and protecting our state retirees, Greg Evers is right on all key issues facing our community and state, and that is why we have already voted for Greg during Early Voting.”

Joyce & Russ Rogers, USN, Retired
Retired Teacher & Retired High School Principal
Milton, Florida

“In the race for Florida Senate District 2, the people of our community need to vote for someone who will step in and fight for the issues that are facing our state.  We need someone who will step in and support immigration laws, similar to the law Arizona just passed.  And, I am voting for Greg Evers because I know he will do just that.  He already has.”

Zena Corbin
Chipley, Florida

“Greg Evers is the right candidate to vote for this Primary Election.  His conservative principles are rooted in Northwest Florida values and he will fight for common sense solutions that are good for our district, our families and our state.”

Stan & Kim Timmins
Southport, Florida

“On August 24th, all gun owners and NRA members need to come out strong and send Greg Evers to the Florida Senate.  Our rights are attacked every day by liberals in Washington, and we need to Greg to fight for us in Florida.”

Charlie Miller
Cantonment, Florida

“Greg Evers can be counted on to stand up for public education, teachers and students.  As a teacher of United States Government, I can also tell you Greg is committed to standing up for the principles and concepts of our Constitution.  We need him in the Senate.”

Dawn Quarrels
Government Teacher
Pace, Florida

“Greg Evers stands up for our military and the disabled veterans who have retired in our community.  He understands the importance of the military to our economy and will continue to fight for us in the Base Realignment & Closure process just like he has done before so successfully.

Jim Berry
Disabled Veteran & Artist
Milton, Florida

“Greg Evers understands the importance of Medicaid and Medicare to our elderly.  He also understands and will continue to fight against Obamacare and its intrusion into private health care decisions.  He is committed to making sure that our citizens continue to make their own healthcare decisions and that they receive the best possible health care they can from the provider they choose.  I encourage my neighbors to join my wife and me in voting for Greg for Florida Senate.”

Ricky Moulton
Crestview, FL

“Greg is committed to seeing our community grow and flourish by developing good jobs for our community.  I am supporting Greg because I believe that he will work tirelessly to improve our economy and help us grow and create jobs for Northwest Florida.  Greg Evers will be a welcome addition to the Florida Senate who will be a strong and effective voice for Northwest Florida.”

Diane Keller
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

“Greg is committed to being a senator for all of us in Senate District 2 and I know and believe he will do it.  We can call on Greg anytime and know that he will work as hard as he can to get the job done for us.  He understands the importance of agriculture to this community and will be a strong advocate for our biggest economic driver.   We would be blessed to have him as our next senator.”

Monty Merchant
Holmes County Commissioner
Ponce De Leon, Florida

“Since I coached him in football, basketball and track from 1970-1973 at Jay High School Greg was, and is a natural born leader, who shares our values.  His roots run deep in our community as a fifth generation farmer and small businessman.  I am proud of Greg and I urge my friends and neighbors to join me in voting for him to be our next Florida Senator.  He will do us all proud.”

Coach James D. “Coach Mac” McDaniel
Jay, Florida

“I know what kind of champion Greg Evers is for small business because he literally passed a bill to save my dry cleaning family business from being shut down by unnecessary governmental regulations and requirements.  Today, our business, that is now owned and operated by my son Cory, is alive and well in this challenging economy and our employees still have jobs largely because five years ago Greg filed legislation to make that possible.  He is the kind of small business advocate we need in the Florida Senate and he has my full support.”

Jimmy Stevens
Former Owner & Operator of J&D Cleaners
Milton, Florida

“Greg Evers is the best representative the State of Florida has ever had.  He represents everything good about the State of Florida.”

Terry Griffith
President, Santa Rosa Fraternal Order of Police
Milton, Florida